Now accepting submissions

We are now accepting submissions in all styles of electronic based music. To upload your track, simply click on the “send us your track” button below. You will then be able to browse to the file on your computer and press a button to upload it to us. For full details on what type of files you can send, what types of music we accept, what we’ll do with your submission and more, you can check out our FAQ.

By submitting to us you are agreeing to let us upload your track to our site for the purpose of public voting and comments.

We run submission stages for all types of electronic music. To be kept up to date with our submission drives, follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

NOTE: Submitting a track that is downloadable to the public will negate your chance of releasing with our label. Please make sure that when you submit to us, you submit only to us and the track is not downloadable to the public.