PR08 – KSOZE “Till Dusk” EP

Release Music Online - Ksoze 'Till Dusk EP

We proudly introduce KSOZE to the Public Records family!

KSOZE is a London based producer who is creating a stir on the Deep House and Trip Hop scene. Originally based in Manchester the UK, as a DJ and musician he regularly plied the crowds with a steady diet of House, Soul, and Jazz.

As a producer all of these styles are evident in his distinctive and musical sound. KSOZE has also realised tracks though a large US label and his Public Records release “The Music Becomes Me” has already received much critical acclaim on promo.

The B-side of the single “Save Me” offers a smooth and soulful sound reminiscent of the early Naked movement. KSOZE is where we come to get deep!

Hear the “Till Dusk” EP

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