Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? You’ll find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions below.
If you still have a question or are having trouble we’re happy to help. Just contact us and we’ll get back to you!


What type of file can I send you and how many? — You can upload AIFF, WAVE, FLAC, OGG, MP3, and AAC file to our dropbox – no more than two tracks per submission period. We prefer that you send us either Wave, AIFF or MP3 files. MP3 files should be no less than 192kbps. If your track is chosen for release, you should be prepared to deliver us a WAVE or AIFF file if you have chosen to upload another format for demo purposes.

What will you do with my track once I upload it? — We will listen to all tracks submitted to us during the submission period and create a short-list from our own internal A/R sessions. Shortlisted tracks will be placed on the Public Records site for public comment and voting. We will not share your tracks or do anything else with them without your express permission. If we do want to release your track, you will be contacted and provided with a standard contract. Only upon your signing this will we proceed to do anything further than listen to your music.

Can I share it to you and other people at the same time? — It’s your track to do with as you wish, but if you think you’ve got a killer that is suitable for release and distribution don’t shoot yourself in the foot! We’re here to help with proper mastering and distribution so that your track gets out there sounding great. If half the internet has it before the polished product is released it won’t be doing you any favours.

What style of music do you accept? — We are open to all submissions of any style, but generally any style of music that is includes elements of electronic based music.

OK, I’m in. Where do I go to upload? — Just click on this link and you’ll be directed to our drop box. You’ll just be asked to browse to your file and hit “upload and send”. Simple.


How does the voting process work? — Once the submission period has ended, we will create a short-list of submissions. These will then be placed on our site and be made available for the public to hear and vote on, but NOT download. The voting system is simple and democratic based on public comments and voting.

I haven’t submitted anything, can I still vote? — Of course you can. We want to know what you think.


How does “getting signed” work and what does it mean? — Once the public voting period has ended, the top rated artists will be contacted regarding commercial release. At this point, artists will have the option to decide to release with us or not. If you are selected, we will send you a standard, fair, and easy to understand contract spelling out the terms of releasing your track with us. If you decide to sign it, you are then signed to the label for a release.

Can I see a sample of your contract before I submit a demo? — Yes, of course. If you would like to see what our standard agreement looks like, please contact us.

If you sign my track can I sell it in other places? — No, you cannot sell it to anyone else during the period in which you have agreed to sign it to us. This is standard for any label/artist agreement. Once the period agreed in the contract has passed, ownership of the track will revert back to you and you will be free to do with it as you wish.

If I win and am signed to Public Records do I need to send you all my future work? — No, your agreement with us is non-exclusive. This means that we only have rights to sell and distribute the track/s specifically mentioned in the contractual agreement between you and Public Records. We will have no exclusive claim to any of your other work or your artist name.


What does distribution mean? — Distribution refers to the fact that we have set up arrangements to have your music made available all across the web. This is one of the key advantages of dealing with a label with key distribution relationships, rather than trying to release it on your own. If you choose to release with us, you only need to provide us with the track and we’ll make sure it’s available to purchase in over 100 shops, large and small. This includes Beatport, Itunes, Amazon, HMV, Rhapsody, MTV, Virgin, DJ Download, Traxsource and more. For a full list of the more than 100 places we’ll automatically make your music available in click here.

How will you keep track of my release in all those places? —Public Records has applied for and been assigned ISRC codes(International Standard Recording Codes) which we assign to each track we release. ISRC codes provide a means of uniquely identifying sound recordings internationally. When we submit your track through our distribution channels, you can rest assured that we’ve assigned these codes.

How will you pay me? — Each quarter we will be issued a statement from our distributor listing total sales for your track from the more than 100 retail outlets your track will be placed in. In turn, you will be issued a statement from us spelling out exactly how many downloads of your track were sold. We will pay you based on the agreed percentage you earn on each sale – this will be clearly laid out in plain English in your contract. You will receive payment by PayPal directly into your account. If you are curious at any time about your sales, we will be able to log-in to our distribution account and tell you.


I’ve still got some questions. How do I contact you? — If you have a specific question that isn’t answered here, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

If I release a track with you, can I do my own promotion through my social networks (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter etc). — Yes! One of the benefits of signing with Public Records is that we have created a system to help you make the most of these networks to promote your track. Once your track is signed with us, we will create a bespoke web page for your release that includes all of the tools you will need to easily spread your release page across the web. The more you promote it, the more you sell, and the more you get in return!

Where can I keep up to date with what’s happening at Public Records? — If you’d like to stay in touch with what we are up to, why not follow us on Twitter , Facebook or Myspace .  Alternatively, you can sign up to our mailing list to receive updates on new releases (we won’t share your information).