TDR is Tristan Del Ray – until the summer of 2000 Tristan had had virtually no exposure to electronic music. The opportunity to use a rather simple synthesizer caused him to completely reconsider his views on music. A whole new world opened up to him, and different heroes entered Tristan’s personal stage. Throughout the following years, Tristan learned how to use the computer as a musical instrument.

Eight years later, Tristan signed a record deal with an independent label in Los Angeles and got two EPs released. That year his track “Leaving the 80s” even got supported by Andy Moor and was thus noticed in several countries around the world.

Nevertheless, Tristan had to prioritize and decided to completely zero-in on graduating from university. Today Tristan is 28 years old and again produces strong tracks. 2011 will see fresh releases in America and a collaboration with Public Recordings, after delivering one of the winning remixes for the Retrofox Remixes EP competition.

As a musician, Tristan Del Ray wants to touch a chord with his listeners. His tracks revolve around haunting melodies supported by powerful beats and basslines. He still has a soft spot for Trance, but he has also widened his scope and takes occasional trips into other genres. Tristan is currently living and working in the city of Hannover, Germany.