Retrofox - Public Records House Artist

Alan Andersen, aka “Retrofox” is a 30 year old amateur photographer and producer out of Copenhagen, Denmark. He creates a broad-range of music, coupled with a big dose of phatness and funky beats.

Alan originated from a small town called “Mo i Rana” in the north of Norway and then moved to Copenhagen 7 years ago to enjoy the much larger electronic music and creative scene.

He started with music production 13 years ago, highly influenced by big beat at the time (Chemical brothers, Fatboy Slim, Hexstatic and the like).  Inspired by the demo scene, Alan started composing using a PC and Fasttracker II.

His influences have since broadened to a more wide variety of genres and he currently takes inspiration from  Liquid Funk/DnB, Acid Jazz, Electro, House, Breakbeats, and Jungle.

Proof that it’s not what you have, but how you use it, he uses a modest studio running the modular tracker “Jeskola Buzz” along with a 24 ch. Behringer mixer, a Dave Smith Mopho analog synth and a Technics SL1200. We think you’ll agree that the results are good.

Since beginnging to produce, he’s released tracks  “Amplify” & “Fusion” — part of the “Buzzworks – Moving in Circles” compilation album, released by Zoolook Records.  He continues to produce and is currently writing several new tracks within the Electro & Liquid Funk genres.

“Bubblegum” is a great, peak-time techy number, that will lure you in with its hypnotic vibe. We have no doubt, we’ll be hearing more of Retrofox in the years to come and are proud to bring him on board with Public Records.

You can find out more about Retrofox and keep up with his productions at: