[o]beat is Florian Ofner a producer from Kapfenberg (Austria) who started producing music in 2009, during his audio and video production study in St. Pölten. He takes influences from Downtempo, Drum & Bass and House into his own productions.

Although he’s relatively new to the production world [o]beat has already demonstrated a knack for it, with his first release “Still Lazy” earning a slot at the Electronic Campus Vol. 2 in Austria. He’s continued to get recognition at an early stage, taking first prize in the “Sonar Remix Competition 2011″ The contest, running alongside Barcelona’s notorious electronic music festival was heavily promoted and sponsored by Serato, Ableton, Novation and Loopmasters.

Over 500 submissions were received and [o]beat’s “Furious Swing” was selected by the selections team as the overall best submission.

We’re very happy to bring [o]beat into the Public Records roster and look forward to more good things to come for him.

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