Jaehong Park



Jaehong Park, aka ELRO hails from South Korea. He became involved in music from an early age and started making music with his school band in high-school (playing guitar). His introduction into the music world at large was through his performance in numerous non-profit live performances during this time. Jaehon’g love of music eventually led to an appreciation of electronic-based music and  this culminated in him working for a few years as a DJ in his hometown.

DJing has since been put on hold so that he can pursue his art major. He currently resides in California, getting his Art History major degree at the University of California, Berkeley.

He credits this experience and the exposure to multiple cultures at Berkeley as some of  the inspiration that has helped him to make his music world more abundant and exuberant.

“ELRO” is a combination of two genres that have very strong influence on Jaehong’s music — ELECTRONIC + ROCK.  The interesting combination of these twop is what he always chases, and the combination he strives for results in both an emotional and intense feeling.  It is the melting of these two emotions that Jaehong strives for with each piece of music he creates.

I wanna make those two feelings become being melted in each songs I make, and believe that’s the way of making my music as one of a kind.

We think his music definitely speaks for itself and shows a true commitment to not only creating a piece of music, but also a distinct “feel”. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Hear more from ELRO at   http://soundcloud.com/jh8292