i-de-ate - Public Records Dubstep Artist

Ideate is a Technical Dubstep, Electronica, Chillout producer from Cardiff, UK.

After playing a countless number of shows between the ages of 17 and 24 as the guitarist of a death metal band, Mike Chamberlain took a well deserved break from the chaos before embarking on a new musical journey.

Ferrofluid by Public Records

A couple of years of dabbling with music production software was enough experience to produce a small number of tunes of various genres, but it wasn’t until the influences of producers such as Reso, The Glitch Mob, Telefon Tel Aviv and Hybrid had taken hold that a clear path of deep bass, vast soundscapes and dark beats was laid out.

Mike believes that the musical attitude and song structures of both heavy metal and dubstep, although completely different in composition, hold definite similarities which makes the transition between the genres a natural process.

“You might not think it but the majority of heavy metal musicians are annoyingly perfectionistic. After replacing my screaming guitar with Ableton Live I have a world of musical opportunity at my fingertips which can mean days or months of tweaking sounds before I am satisfied. Strangely, it is only since the transition that I have acquired loss of hearing and a bad back.” on Soundcloud