Fungus and the Fusion


Fungus And The Fusion - Public Records Downtempo Artist

“Fungusand the Fusion” is one of prolific artist Darren (Daz) Payton’s monikers.  He’s also produced as part of jackin’ house staple “Groove Federation”, as well as under the “Permagurn” moniker. In addition to creating his own music, he’s also created various royalty-free sample packs for Loopmasters.

Probably most noted for his role in Groove Federation along with partner Nathan Walwyn, he’s released under that moniker on labels such as Greenhouse, DigiFunk, Flatpack Traxx, Yakuza, Tastie and Bassmint.

Not to be pigeonholed in anyway, Daz decided to branch out to “keep his love of music production”, and we are glad to be part of the result.

“Fungus and the Fusion” represent the chilled side of DJ/Producer Daz Payton. Producing & playing various downtempo styles including soul, funk, disco, space disco & nu-jazz. This is exactly what you get from “Cotton Wool”, which we’ve picked up for “Latenight Logic”.

Find out more about Daz and his various production monikers here: