DJ Mauritzo

DJ Mauritzo is Maurice Krommenhoek. Maurice was born In Schiedam and now lives with his girlfriend and their two kids in Rotterdam.

Alongside his love of Tatoos, Mauritzo has a passion for music creation and currently makes Electro, House, Latin and Tech-House. As a man of 33, he draws influence from the music of the 70′s and 80′s – music like Hip Hop, Latin, Rock and Pop Music.

Being a child of both the hardware and software generation, it’s no surprise that this shows in his key studio tools – he primarily makes use of Reason and an Akai sampler to make his music.

Growing up in the biggest harbour city of the world, he started to go out in the house – scene in 1993 at the most popular club in Rotterdam..Parkzicht. At this time, he discovered something that would change his life….House –music!!

Following on from this inspiration, Mauritzo started DJ-ing in 1998 and thanks to his musical talent, he quickly played at several clubs in Rotterdam, Maassluis and Belgium.

Besides his work as a DJ, he organized some small parties in some local clubs in Rotterdam. During one of these parties which he had organized, he played together with a percussionist and this proved to be a turning point in his career. It was at this point that he decided to focus on producing his own tracks instead of DJ-ing.

In 2000, after a couple of years behind the wheels of steel at several clubs in Holland, DJ Mauritzo started producing his own music/tracks and has continued on since.

We are proud to bring on Mauritzo and hope you enjoy his music as much as we have. You can keep up with him and his productions at: