DJ Cata

Catalin Popescu, aja “DJ Cata” was born on new year’s day of 1984. He grew up in the town of Ploiesti, the “gas capital” of Romania, and from the age of 7 started to play the violin. He followed his passion and became a licenced violin player many years later, in 2008, when he gratuated from The  Brasov Conservatory.

He also followed his passion for sound and music, and is currently working as a Sound Engineer for one of his country’s largest TV stations, and acting as an “electronic” composer, producer and remixer in his free time.

DJ Cata’s roots are set in old-school progressive house, electro house and minimal, being hugely influenced by artists like Mylo, Modjo, Moloko, Deja-Vu, Axwell, Eryc Prydz, Chris Lake, and many more.

His first tracks came out in 2008, gathering support from some of the industry’s big names, like Andy Moor. He later started local projects and formed online communities for artists, while getting into radio shows and DJing.

He now hopes to bring a fresh, acoustic sound to the electronic music scene with his tracks. He did just that with his “Acoustic Boogie” remix of Retrofox – Bubblegum, wich won him the grand prize in the remix competition organised by Public Records, Loopmasters and Ohmforce, in march 2011.